Twelve Ways to Stay Cool under Pressure

Furious arguing business team and CEO meditating in lotus position on the table

No one can claim that they are never under pressure. Some situations or people cause pressure to others.

The pressure is often aggravated by your personal frustrations. If you wanted to complete a task but due to whatever reasons you don’t do it, it causes frustration. Often times you may try to ignore it. But it cannot be erased. Such frustrations which cause pressure can be avoided by following:

  1. Don’t expect to do more than a human being is capable of within 24 hours.
  2. If you are made to do something which you don’t like, it will cause pressure. You will not be able to do it well. It is not abnormal.
  3. It will cause frustrations which can be avoided if you put your mind and soul in what you are doing.
  4. By following above, enjoy the collateral benefit of starting to be happy with your work.
  5. Watch your body language. Keep a smile on your face. You may find it difficult in the beginning. But as you consistently try, you will find it very rewarding.
  6. Take a pen and paper and write down the cause of your pressure. You will find that the cause is ill conceived. That realization will by itself bring down the pressure.
  7. Listen to some calm and soothing music of your liking. Music can do wonders.
  8. Practice – ‘Act, but never React’. When you act, you use your mind. But if you react you lose your mind. Evidently using mind is far better than losing it.
  9. We need to realize that within control anger is harmless. In fact anger enables us to fight for our rights. But when anger goes out of control, it causes blood pressure and various other health hazards. So, always keep anger within your control.
  10. Practice deep breathing. It gives more oxygen to our system. This, in turn, helps us to keep our mind cool. Deep breathing also makes it easy for us to express our selves articulately. You may ask how it will help. More breath in your lungs will enable you to speak longer sentences in one breath. Thus, improper pauses can be avoided.
  11. Increasing your self- awareness will also help. You become aware that you are doing your best. This awareness gives you a satisfaction which blows out your pressure.
  12. Develop a positive attitude. Concentrate on the positive aspects of life. Consider that life is a great boon and it is your duty to get the best out of every minute of your life. After all, time is the only resource which has been equally distributed by God, the almighty.

No doubt, it is difficult to control your temper and remain cool in difficult situations. But we all agree that if the can remain cool the results that we desire, will be achieved. Our efforts to follow the aforesaid points, therefore, are well deserved.

Thanks for Reading.


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