Eminent Leaders Great Lessons!

My Subject today comprises 3 aspects of human personality – temper, skills and productivity. I am not writing an essay based on information obtained and assimilated from various sources. Instead, I have collected a number of images & quotes on each of the above aspects. These quotes, I consider, best elucidate my thoughts on these aspects of personality. And, add much more of which I don’t consider myself capable of. I have placed these quotes in a particular order. But, you can change the order according to your priorities.

First of all, a couple of pictures and then I have listed great masters’ views on temper, skills and productivity, in the same order.

  1. Temper



images (1)

images (3)



  1. Skills

images (1)

images (3)





3. Productivity


images (5)

Productivitydownload (1)

images (4)


There never was a time in this world when knowledge could be obtained.

Thanks for Reading!

All the quotes and their sources, wherever recognized, are respectfully acknowledged!


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