Seven Steps to Productivity And Happiness


Enhancing personal productivity is very important, today. How do we go about enhancing personal productivity?  What is the definition of personal productivity? We will deal with these and the related questions.

Time has been equally distributed to everyone. Two brothers, both born in the same family do not share the same success.  Both of them start there independent enterprises at same time. Let us assume that the prospects in both the fields that they enter are the same. They have received same amount of capital from their father. Ten years down the line one of them become a business tycoon while the other struggles for survival. How does this drastic difference take place? The prime answer among others is difference in productivity.

So, productivity is extremely important.

Now, let us try to define happiness. Simply said, if you have work to do and someone to love, and clear conscience, you will be happier than those who lack. Abraham Lincoln once said that you are as happy as you decide. That means happiness is a choice. Happiness is not a goal but a bye product. In spite of this being so, in today’s competitive environment you cannot be happy by your choice alone. You have to be productive. You have to show that you’re contributing to the society. If you are working efficiently for a company, you are contributed to its growth. Your feeling that you are an important part of the organization which is growing brings you happiness.

How to improve your personal productivity? Given below are some of the suggestions which will go a long way to make you more productive.

  1. Have a strong desire to succeed in what you are doing. If you are doing something you love and are passionate about, strong desire will emerge by itself. But if you don’t like your job and you have no other choice, start liking it. It is possible. But it requires consistent repetitive affirmations. Certainly, it will happen
  2. Better productivity requires better management of time. Often, too much time is wasted in thinking what will happen ‘if I don’t succeed’. Surely, havens will not fall. Mistakes and failures are a part of life and we must gracefully accept these. Then, you have to identify what are your other time wasters. A time log and review will enable you to make a list of many items who are enemies of your time. Kill them one by one.
  3. Set your own time limits. Work has is strange habit of extending itself to the available time. Don’t allow this to happen. Decide and keep a tab on the time you spend on your routine matters. Consistent efforts to improve your efficiency will result in substantial saving of time.
  4. Don’t ever pursue perfection. Perfection is never achieved. Only nature can be perfect but no human being. Nor any of the projects, big or small can boast of perfection. There will always be room for improvement. If you have achieved jumping a particular height, raise the bar. This process in turn will improve productivity.
  5. Study your optimal span of attention. If you are working on a project which is stupendous and difficult, allot a particular duration of time which is the span of your concentration. And then, have a break. Remember the economic law of diminishing returns. There is no use to fight against yourself. It never helps.
  6. Try to be proactive but you should never be reactive. Thus if you have received unpalatable massages by email or verbally don’t react. Further, never enter into an argument and take it personally.  We must remember, “If you win an argument, you lose a friend”. More importantly, it consumes your limited resource- your time.
  7. Last but not the least, minimize interruptions. If you are working on a project which requires an undivided attention, cut yourself off from all distractions. Provide a particular time to reply to all your messages. Instead of receiving calls, most of the time, keep your mobile on a message mode. You can always respond immediately, if the message was of a very important nature.

The above seven steps will improve your personal productivity substantially. You will be happy because you are performing better. It will enhance your confidence and your self-esteem, which in turn will bring you greater happiness.

Thank you for reading.






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